It's a type of magic

29 January 2020

Often when I perform, there are a number of people who believe that what I am doing is real magic. Particularly when it is mentalism and people think I really can read their minds.

As a result there are some people who even look a little nervous as I start to approach them. Above all, I try to remind people that this is entertainment and that I won't reveal or discover anything about them unless they want me to.

I remember when I first learned magic, my teacher told me to remember the feeling you get after seeing an effect he performed, because after he revealed how he did it, we wouldn't get that feeling again. And he was right. It is that initial sense of mystery and wonder that can make magic so powerful. The sense of maybe something beyond our normal experience of reality is possible. Maybe a little like the wonder and belief that most people had as children about father Christmas, which has now faded for most of us. However, magic keeps that sense of wonder alive, which is maybe why it is more popular than ever.

My personal feeling is that anyone practicing mentalism should be clear that it is for entertainment. There are many people who perform as so called psychics who simply want to convince people they can read their minds, or speak to the dead. A lot of them have trained as magicians and are using skills they have learned in the performing arts. I like to keep things simple and clear that what I am doing is about entertainment.

So can I read minds? You'll have to decide for yourself! Whether you book me for a private event or a corporate function, I'll certainly give you the illusion that I can read minds, predict the future and even bend metal. And it is the sense of wonder that I love to leave people with. There is no doubt in my mind that people are capable of incredible things, and magic can be a metaphor for tapping into that incredible potential within all of us.