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Your wedding is the most important day in your life and like most people you’ll want to make it as memorable and special as possible. When you book Tom MacKay to perform his ‘mind’ magic at your wedding reception, you’ll be adding that extra ‘magic’ to your special day that will leave you and your guests talking about it long afterwards!

If you have been thinking about whether to hire a magician for your wedding, booking Tom will help you know you have made the right choice. His unique style of psychological magic, together with his friendly and warm personality, will help create an incredible atmosphere for your wedding.

Tom can provide his mentalism services at various stages of the reception:

Drinks reception – a perfect time to have Tom walking around and entertaining guests as they arrive. A truly magical way to help bring guests together and create a lasting memory of your special day!

The meal – between courses and before food is being brought out is another great opportunity for magic

After the meal – another opportunity for ‘walk around’ magic and also for a small ‘stage’ show where a larger group of guests can be entertained at the same time.

Wedding Magician


Wedding Magician

One of the best times I’ve found to entertain guests is after the ceremony and before the meal. As guests arrive ready for the reception, Tom can help build rapport between guests who may not know each other and get them in a wonderful mood for the rest of the evening. Whilst performing to small groups, other guests become curious about what is happening and tend to join in with the other group, bringing people together in a natural and easy way. The ‘mind’ magic that Tom specialises in is often enjoyed primarily by adults, however Tom will entertain younger audiences with more traditional magic – or example with cards, sponge balls and rope tricks! Tom is committed to helping your guests have the best possible experience that they can whilst at your wedding – helping you to relax more and enjoy the day yourself.

If performing during the meal, performing will be timed to the delivery of the food – generally after each course has been served and started on each table.

Your wedding day is one of the greatest days of your life – and Tom really wants to help make it even better by entertaining your guests and bringing people together so that everyone can have the best possible experience on your special day. Magic and mentalism is really a wonderful way to bring different people together who may not have met before – by sharing in a special performance and experiencing laughter, mystery and amazement, boundaries are suddenly brought down and people are able to connect at a much deeper level more quickly.

People of all ages will be entertained by Tom’s magic and welcoming personality which will help the memories of your wonderful day last forever!

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