Wedding Magic Blog

24 January 2020

As a magician and mentalist, I frequently get asked to perform for weddings, as well as all other type of events. If you are reading this blog and are thinking about hiring a magician for your wedding, there are a few things that I have found from experience tend to work better for most weddings.

A great time to have strolling magic is at the drinks reception before the sit down meal. This is the time where people are gathering and when I am booked to preform magic for weddings I find magic can really bring people together. Although my specialism is mentalism, or mind magic, I'll always have a few more classic magic effects to hand in case there are children who would like to see some magic. Adults often prefer mentalism, whereas children still love classic magic, in my experience.

Booking a magician for up to a couple of hours at the drinks reception is often the best time for guests to enjoy the entertainment.

During the meal can work, however it is all about navigating food being served and also timing when people are in the middle of eating. Usually going around tables towards the end of a course works best, however there are periods where it is best to leave the caterers to getting their job done. Only a couple of days ago I was performing around tables for a corporate event and thought I had timed the serving perfectly when I moved my arm and my elbow ended up in a plate of food!

After the dinner another option is for a parlour magic show, where you might have a space available that people could come and be entertained by a 'small' magic show. This usually works after the meal and in a space where there isn't going to be too much noise from music etc.

Having a magician for your wedding can really make your special day more memorable. I've had years of experience performing and would be very happy to help for your event.