Finding entertainment for weddings

9 March 2020

So you're getting closer to your wedding day, or even just started planning and now you are feeling overwhelmed with trying to make all the plans.

Where should you get married?

Where will you have the wedding reception?

What food will you choose for the reception?

How about entertainment?

Entertainment can really make or break your wedding day. Usually people are having fun and are going to enjoy most of what takes place, however when you have booked a band and they turn out to be so bad you wish you had earplugs, you suddenly wish you had known more about planning for this event. The right music is so important for your wedding day and unless you have heard the band you might be choosing something that drives people crazy!

It is the same with other entertainment. I've noticed over the last couple of years that there are more and more magicians offering their services. Probably because of shows like Britain's Got Talent and other things, there are a proliferation of magicians offering services. That is a good and a bad thing. It is great that people are following their dreams and doing something they love. However, sometimes it is also the case that you'll book a magician who has just learned a few tricks from the internet and never really had any experience performing.

One way to make sure that the person you book is a proper magician is to see if they are a member of the Magic Circle. The Magic Circle is a UK organisation that most professional magicians belong to, and indeed has an auditioning process that people have to go through to become a member. It doesn't mean that the magician you book has been doing magic professionally, but it is a good start.

Another good way to get an idea of the magician is if you can get word of mouth recommendations, or look at videos of them performing. Some websites have glossy videos that are highly edited. They often look really impressive, however you can't really see much of the magician performing and it can cover a lot of things up. It is often better when you see just directly recorded videos so you can see a real performance with a real audience.

Wedding magicians are all over the place now, so it really serves you well to take your time and find someone that can enhance your special day. Speak to the magician when you make and enquiry rather than just send an email and get a sense on the telephone if this is the sort of person you'd like to be performing at your reception.

The same goes for bands. Rather than randomly select someone through a website or from an agency, take your time and look into what they are really like. Just because they are registered with an agency doesn't mean they are any good!