Parlour Shows

Entertain your guests with a parlour show

What is a parlour show?

Parlour shows are getting more and more popular at events. Rather than have a magician do walk around magic, you have am area where the magician or mentalist puts on a little show for guests that want to watch it. Great for after dinner at weddings, corporate events or any type of party. In a show you'll often see more impressive effects than in walk around magic and your audience will go away feeling they've experienced something really special. It is also great because people can choose to see the show rather than have a magician go around 'inflicting' magic on the guests. Most people love magic, but some people don't so this is a wonderful option when booking entertainment for your next event.

Dazzle your guests by booking Tom MacKay to perform a mentalism show at your next event

Bring people together and have them really remember your event for years to come

Experience amazing magic. You don't need loads of space, just a small area you keep clear and ready for an incredible show