24 February 2020

So many people think that their memory gets worse as they get older. Even more seem to believe tehy simply don't have a great memory in the first place.

I remember seeing a magician who was performing to a room full of about 100 people. He had memorised the names of every single person in the room and any time someone put up their hand to volunteer to help with the next effect, he would instantly know their name.

In contrast, as I was growing up, my father kept saying what a dreadful memory he had. He'd forget pretty much anything you asked him to remember. He blamed it on an accident years before, where he had an electric shock and he said that he believed it caused his memory to be bad ever since. In all likelihood his memory wasn't any better before his accixdent, but he just couldn't remember!

People blame all sorts of things for having a bad memory, however in reality most of these things are just excuses. Pretty much everybody can develop a good memory when they practice the same strategies that memory experts use.

Before I learned these strategies, I used to give up on remembering names because I just thought I had a 'bad' memory. But when I learned the method for remembering names, I suddenly found I could remember the names of a room full of people instantly. As well as performing as a magician for hire and a wedding magician, I also run corporate trainings where I regularly have to remember a room full of people with very little time to do so. The strategy is so effective, that even in a room full of 30 people, I will remember their names after they have just introduced themselves once. In fact, there is no effort involved at all - their name just pops into my mind!

It really is all about knowing the correct method. Just like in magic, you need to spend time learning the techniques to help you become a magician which can take time, if you put the time into learning the correct strategies for remembering names, suddenly you'll find yourself amazing yourself with your memory powers.