Magical Weddings

4 March 2020

People always hope that their wedding is going to be one of the most magical days of their lives. Often the build up and preparatio, however, can be an incredibly stressful time.

Trying to find a venue, car hire, rings, dresses and suits, who should be the bridesmaid or best man....the list is an endless source of stress and also cost!

That is where wedding planners often get called in to try to dissipate some of that stress. Indeed, leaving the arrangements in the responsible hands of someone else is a great idea. Wedding planners can help you find venues and make all the arrangements that normally take a huge amount of time.

Obviously that can also increase the cost, which with an already expensive day, you might want to keep the costs low.

WIth the right preparation, you can arrange your own wedding and keep costs down as much as possible with minimal stress. Finding your own team of friends and family that you trust and assigning them different roles to help make arrangements can help you with the huge burden of trying to arrange everything yourself and lead to a truly magical wedding.

Little tips like booking a wedding during a week day or in less popular times can also keep down the costs of venue hire.

When it comes to entertainment, you also are likely to pay a lot more if you go through an agency than booking a performer direct. In fact, when you book a performer through and agency you will likely pay about double what you'll pay if you find that performer and book them directly.

It takes a little more time to find people on your own, but if you are booking a few performers you could save hundreds or thousands of pounds by taking a little time. Just because a performer is with an agency also doesn't mean they will be any better than performers you find direct.

As someone who frequently performs as a wedding magician, I see the impact having a magician can have at your wedding. Particularly at drinks receptions before meals, it is a wonderful time to help bring people together who maybe don't know each other through entertainment. You'll also help create even deeper memories for your guests when you add a whole new level of enjoyment.

If you find the band or DJ direct rather than going through intermediaries, you'll probably even save more than the money it costs to hire a magician. Hiring a decent magician is going to cost at least about £300 - £400 for up to a couple of hours, but the memories you'll leave people with are priceless.