Mentalism lessons

Learn mentalism with Tom MacKay either at home or face to face

So you've seen mentalism or mind reading on television and you really want to be able to do it yourself. Where do you start?

Well there are lots of books and DVDs around, however you'll never learn magic or mentalism from books or DVDs to the same level that a few lessons can help you.

Tom MacKay has been performing magic for over 20 years. He speicalises in mentalism - a type of psychological magic. This is an amazing way to dazzle people and leave people truly amazed.

A typical lesson will last for 60 minutes and costs £60. You can take these lessons face to face or even over the internet, although for some effects face to face tuition is always preferable.

Learn amazing magic to impress your friends

Start your journey to becoming a professional magician

Learn skills to help you become a better presenter