How to influence

The Magic Of Influence


Understanding the art of influence helps you develop a magnetic charisma

Socially Minded

Building empowered teams is all about mastering effective influence


You'll learn how to dynamically influence anybody

Completely Custom

Have this workshop tailored for one or two days around themes that are most crucial for your organisation

Magical Influence


Influence is something we can't avoid. Whatever you do, you are always influencing people and events. Even if you decide not to communicate with someone, that itself is a powerful communication that also has an influence on the other person. This course is about understanding influence. What you do and say and how it influences other people at conscious and unconscious levels.

There are so many ways to learn how to positively influence other people and it starts with understanding what you are currently doing and learning new techniques and principles to help you influence in a more positive way to get the results you want. This course will help you gain insight into your current behaviour and learn new methods to help you communicate and influence powerfully to create the results you want.