Types of entertainment

29 January 2020

Whatever your event, finding the right type of entertainment can make or break it. When you are planning your event, it is worth spending some time thinking about the type of entertainment that you would like and when it would work best.

For exxample, as a magician, performing at the end of a meal can work depending on the type of event, however I've also experienced a few situations where people have been drinking a lot during and before the meal and may not be in the right 'space' to listen to a magician. Dealing with a rowdy crowd can be challenging for any performer and may not allow you to experience the best performance due to the nature of the crowd.

However, having a space set aside for a parlour magic show after your event can work well, where people who want to see a magic show can come along.

For dinner events, having close up magic at the reception before the event can be a great idea. People are mingling and maybe don't know everyone, so close up magic can help to bring people together and put people in a good mood for the evening.

Magic during the dinner can also work, although it is best to time it towards the end of courses, or between meals. Getting in the way of caterers can be a challenge for everyone. Recently I was performing at a meal and thought I'd timed it well, only to step back and find my elbow in a plate of food!

For corporate events, a magic or mentalism show could work well after after dinner speeches with a crowd that is not too rowdy.

I've performed shows for all different types of events, often before a meal, where the performance goes down incredibly well.

Magic for trade shows can also be amazing. If you are investing money in a booth at a trade show trying to promote your business, you need to draw crowds around your stand, otherwise it is a total waste of money. What better way than having a magician performing at your stand to bring people in and help give our business cards. If the act is customised for your company, it is also going to help sell your services in a completely unique way. Find out more about Tom MacKay, magician for hire.