Magic in education

26 February 2020

How can magic help in education?

One of the most important things that a learner can possess is a sense of curiosity. WHen you look at young children you can see their curiosity for everything - just walking down the street their fascination with plants, animals and even the sky.

However as children get older, they often seem to lose this sense of curiosity.


Well one reason may be the way that some children are taught. From an young age, being stuck behind a desk, talked at and only being able to talk when given permission, imposed yearly exams and the resulting stress, it is quite likely that that amazing sense of curiosity may be driven out of them. The best teachers I know help to inspire students to want to learn and help re-ignite that curiosity. This could be done through their personality, humour, telling stories, or many other things.

One way that I like to help inspire this sense of curiosity is with magic. Magic is one of the few things that still can leave people at any age with a sense of wonder. That feeling that you get at the end of a magic effect is similar to that sense of wonder that we all had as young children to pretty much everything. And when you can get that feeling back, it can inspire you with a sense of wanting to learn more.

I tend to teach workshops to adults, often in organisations about topics to do with communication skills. People attending are often used to boring trainings, but when I introduce magic as a metaphor for something I'm going to teach, suddenly everyone listens and starts to have fun. The real secret is what could be called edutainment, where people are having fun and learning at the same time. Indeed I think the key to helping people learn is by creating this enjoyable environment for learning. It is well researched that if people are stressed and under pressure their brains don't learn effectively or at all. But what lots of schools do is pile on pressure and stress about learning, increased by upcoming exams, which by the very nature of this stops the brain learning.

If you want anyone to learn, it needs to be a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Learning some magic and integrating it into teaching can make all the difference. So I'd highly recommend thinking about ways you can integrate ways to make your teaching more fun and enjoyable.

Another option is to hire a magician to come and get your class into a great state for learning.