Magic During Covid 19

13 May 2020

This current crisis has hit most industries, some worse than others. Probably some of the worst affected are in the hospitality industry; businesses that make out life richer and more enjoyable, but many of which may not be life preserving.

The magic profession is no exception. Although there is now magic on Youtube and occasional shows on televisio, there is nothing more amazing for many people than the experience of close up magic. Experiencing something disappear in front of your eyes, something transform or having your mind read is an experience that so many of my clients will always remember, long after they forgot about the rest of the event or party. Magic really can enrich so many different experiences.

However, here we are not able to perform live magic. Not only that, but when the rest of society starts to go back to a kind or normal, magic is still probably going to lag behind. Because 'close up' magicians operate close up, this is clearly going to be a major obstacle when it comes to social distancing. Passing someone a card, a coin or anything else for a while is going to be more a case of causing some anxiety rather than excitement.

Of course, close up magic will return, but it may well be another year or so before the work comes back for most magicians. At the moment some people are performing online magic shows and new types of effects are being created by wonderful minds, however for me the true experience of magic is live.

Hopefully we'll be returning to entertain and engage people at all sorts of events in the near future, but for now, I guess it is all about watching online.