Corporate Magic

11 March 2020

Some corporate events can be really dull.

Meetings, functions, workshops....the list goes on.

You want to get an important message across to your company, however everyone is really sitting there bleary eyed pretending to pay attention when really they just want to be somewhere else.

Of course, the message or teachings you are trying to get across is really valuable, however nobody seems to want to know. So what can you do to help get people into the right mood for learning?

Use magic to get your message across!

I don't mean you need to go out and try to learn a magic trick to try to impress your employees - magic takes a long time to learn and even longer to learn to present well. If you don't put the time in you'll come across worse than ever and lose all credibility.

However, what you can do is hire a magician to engage your company or employees. I actually have a background in business and also magic. I've been running corporate communication, leadership and development courses for over 20 years. And I almost always do magic as part of my presentation. People love it. They'll pay attention for the rest of the workshop and even remember the workshop for years after.

If you make your event memorable people will remember the message you are trying to put across. And magic is the perfect vessel for doing this. You can have the magic used as a metaphor for the information you are trying to put across.

If it is a corporate function, a great way to kick things off is with some mentalism. Get your employees warmed up and in the perfect state to listen to what you want to say.