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  • Tell the world how you are different.

  • Tell the world what makes you great.

  • Tell the world why they should choose you.

  • Tell the world what they're missing on.

  • Tell the world why you're the best.

Do you ever experience:

  • Challenging topics to get across
  • Boring topics or speakers
  • Fear of lack of ‘buy in’ from course attendees
  • Not being able to fully engage your teams

Tom MacKay can provide the solution to engage and enthuse your workforce!

Tom MacKay has been working with major international companies for over 20 years, running workshops, trainings and presentations. Mentalism is an incredible way to introduce concepts and ideas which can be difficult to get across normally.

For example, in 2012 Tom ran a workshop on non-verbal cues and criminology to a group of government workers from China. The training was being translated by mean of an interpreter making what could normally be quite a ‘dry’ topic even more challenging to fully engage the group with. Half way through the first morning, Tom asked someone in the group to think of a number and he correctly predicted the number, leaving the group amazed and totally engaged fro the rest of the training.

Imagine the difference it could make to find a way to create the most exhilarating atmosphere before your workshop, meeting or conference?

Tom MacKay can provide a range of keynote presentations to introduce your meetings, workshops or conferences and help to…

  • Leave you attendees eager to listen
  • Create maximum engagement from your employees
  • Help to create maximum interest even for difficult topics
  • Create the optimum atmosphere for learning