Magical Communication

This powerful training will help your organisation master communication skills. Whether you want your teams to communicate better or whether you want to be able to present yourself in the best possible way to clients, this training will help you communicate at a higher level than you ever dreamed possible. Tom MacKay has been running corporate workshops for over twenty years and this training integrates demonstrations of the power and the mind that will leave you astonished.

Empower Teams

Your teams only work as well they they can communicate and this training will help you learn how to communicate in the most powerful and effective way

Empower Yourself

When you improve your communication skills you will give yourself the most powerful skill you can ever learn to help you excel in any area of life

Completely Custom

This training can be customised to meet the needs of your organisation, whether you want to focus on team communication, sales or even social communication.

Powerfully Charged

Demonstrations of the power of your mind and communication will literal leave you feeling charged and ready for action


One of the most important skills you will ever learn is how to create rapport. This training will show you how to quickly and easily create rapport with anyone

What the body 'says'

Body language trainings don't really apply in today's workplace. But we communicate a lot through our body and voice. Learn how to discover what this unconscious communication REALLY means!