Birthday Magic

Make your special celebration even more special

So it's getting to that time of the year where you are looking for some new way to celebrate your birthday. Maybe it is a siginificant year and you want it to be extra special.

More and more people are turning to events as a way to make their birthday special. Presents like skydiving experiences or escape rooms are getting more and more popular.

So why not book a magician for your next birthday?

Imagine having a group a friends enjoying a breathtaking show with you on your next birthday. You can even have a custom effect presented for your birthday - something you'll treasure forever. You can choose the type of effects you'd like - when I perform it is usually psychological magic and I'll often find out a theme the person would like for at least one effect.

Maybe you're even thinking about what unique gift you could get for someone you care about. Booking Tom MacKay to perform a mentalism show is going to be something truly unique that you'll remember forever.

Shows can last for just 15 minutes or even up to an hour, although 30 minutes is probably one of the best lengths of performance for most parties.

Get in touch with Tom to find out more.